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Paweł Budzianowski

Machine Learning, Dialogue Systems, Artificial Intelligence

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I am a PhD candidate at the Dialogue Systems Group at University of Cambridge working on long-term conversational agents jointly supervised by dr. Rich Turner and prof. Anna Korhonen. Over last two years I had a chance to work with dr. Milica Gašić.

Prior to PhD, I was working on training deep belief networks using high-temperature expansion being supervised by dr. Rich Turner and advised by Nilesh Tripuraneni. I am passionate about everything that is related to mathematics, statistics, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Over last four years I have worked on Bayesian statistics, variational inference, multivariate time series and copulas.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me - my mail is

NEWS: Along with the PolyAI crew we gave a tutorial on the Conversational AI at PLinML in Warsaw. Slides and code are here!

Our paper with the largest multi-domain task-oriented dataset publicly available has won the best resource paper award at EMNLP! [paper] [code] [data]

We won the best student paper award at ICASSP 2018 for working on uncertainty estimates in deepRL! [paper], [code]